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Bill Murdock, EPC, QAFP™

Qualified Associate Financial Planner™
Bill Murdock

Bill Murdock was hired by Freedom 55 Financial as a financial security advisor and was quickly identified as a progressive planner. In short order he developed a top-performing staff and was invited to become Regional Manager. However, after a number of stellar years Bill left management. He returned to his roots and passion for financial planning. He preferred to devote his time and expertise to helping individuals to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Bill knows how to balance priorities and respect circumstances. The fine intelligence, diligence and leadership qualities that made Bill a successful manager are the bedrock of his work ethic and service to you. Described by his indesign financial group ltd. colleagues as meticulous and a technical genius, his high versatility, integrity and vision are also remarkable. Where many advisors and clients focus solely on the management and structure of a portfolio, Bill’s expertise as an Elder Planning Counselor means that your future needs are top-of-mind. While you focus on the present, you'll know your future is being built on honest, tested and ethical advice with modern planning concepts.

Though your plan may be complex, Bill can simplify and discuss it in analogies that anyone can understand. Whether you need to maintain or build your wealth, Bill can help you secure your present, meet your ongoing financial needs in tax efficient ways, and create a multi-generational legacy.