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Gina Pereira

Marketing and Admin Associate

Gina Pereira is a perfectionist with a formidable memory who takes enormous pride in her work. Nothing crosses Gina’s desk that isn’t scrutinized for imperfections. If one of the partners should slip something not quite flawless across her desk, it never leaves that way. In fact, throughout her years of service as an Administrative Associate under the London Life umbrella she has saved advisors and their clients time, money and inconvenience many times.

After 32 years in the business she knows the pitfalls, the angles, the resources, the company culture and uses them to your—and her employers’—advantage. She is willing to go that extra mile in order to get things done. The indesign financial group principals say that she is a remarkable thinker and persuasive innovator. Gina finds ways to do the impossible.

Often she is the first contact clients have with indesign financial group. No one who meets her fails to notice her positive can-do attitude, congenial personality and professionalism.

When praised for her work’s exceptional quality, her devotion to duty or her numerous creative solutions to problems, she answers with humility. She says it’s merely the effort she would want someone to make on her behalf--nothing more. Except when it comes to work ethics and service, that’s everything.